CV Files

Introducing CV Files
Salesforce & Google Drive Connector

  • Our files are scattered between Salesforce and Google Drive accounts.

  • We are at the limits of our Salesforce File Storage or will soon run out of it.

  • Salesforce Storage is very expensive and we are looking to utilize Google Drive as an alternative.

  • We are using Salesforce and would be working with a lot of documents/files.

If any of this sounds familiar, CV Files is the right solution for you.

It’s an easy-to-install AppExchange App that gives you and your team the ability to upload files inside Salesforce, but they will be uploaded to Google Drive and will not utilize your expensive Salesforce File Storage.

 7-Day Free Trial
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Upload files

Upload Single/Multiple files directly from the Salesforce record that will sync to Google Drive in real-time.

Upload Files

List of Uploaded Files

Get a list of uploaded files in lighting enabled UI on Salesforce record that is connected to the Google Drive folder


Create Folder and Subfolder

Create Folder and Subfolder


Rename Files

Rename Files


Rename Folders

Rename Folders


Create Google Documents

Create Google Doc ,Google Sheet and Google Slides directly in Salesforce


Download Single/Multiple Files

Download multiple files to the local drive.


Search Files

Search Files in the current folder


Delete Single/Multiple Files

Option to delete single or multiple files


Delete Folder and Subfolder

Delete Folder and Subfolder



7-Day Free Trial
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

*USD 50 OR USD 1 per user per month, whichever is higher
**Year contract comes with 10% discount. Longer plans are also available.

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